Q:Are your bows suitable for newborns?

A:All of our bows are suitable for all ages (including adults), and can be worn on newborns or babies with fine hair. You may purchase additional elastic headband and simply clip on the headband for a more convenient and comfortable wear.


Q:How to storage my bows?

A:It is suggested to clean the clip with dry cloth after each wear, and store at dry open space in order to avoid oxidation. Well taken care bows should last years for wear.


Q:Why are there different type of clips? Can I change the side of the clips on how it's made?

A:We have alligator clips and smooth alligator clips covered with ribbon. Both are easy and comfortable to wear and it's just a personal preference! You may see product details and see if it's made with the clips you'd like. We do not offer custom orders. Our ribbon-sewn design clips were specially made to wear from "Left to Right", so the end of the ribbon will be on the bottom left. We suggest you to wear your bow on the right side of the head, clipped on using your left hand. When it's worn on the top of the pony tail, please clip it on from left to right then adjust the structure of the bow.

Q:Glitters from Pominnie bows and some sparkle styles may fall, what should I do?

A:To make the beautiful sparkly effect of those bows, glitter tulle was used. Please be aware they may fall from time to time. Please select other satin/ribbon styles if concerned.

Q:How should I clean my silicone teethers/pacifier clips?

A:Just wash with boiled water and air dry.



Q:How long does it take to receive my order?

A:It's stated in the delivery note on the time frame to arrive to your country. Asia orders should arrive within 3-7 days (excluding weekends and holidays). All other international orders will be posted through EMS。Please note, if you have place any pre-order items, we'll only ship your entire order once all items are ready. For urgent requests, please kindly e-mail us. We will always try our best to fulfill.


Q:How long does my pre-order items take?

A:Please see as described in the item page. "Wait list" hot sellers are made weekly from England and we dispatch in the orders of time purchased.


Q:My membership credits disappear after fail of payment?

A:The system can't identify a failed payment and credits used will automatically be deducted. Please send us an e-mail or message us and we'll sort it out for you. You may then place your order again with correct credit card information.

Q:How to use my credits? Are there any limitation?

A:Please log in your account, there's no limitation on how the amount of credits you wish to use on your purchases. Please note there may be an expiration date of your credits, you can check once you log in your account. Expired credits cannot be restored.

Q:How come I did not receive the promotion credits after my purchase?

A:You must log in your account to make purchases in order to receive any promotional credits. If you've missed it, you may message us and we'll take care of it for you.



Q:What if I don't like some items? Or incorrect items were sent?

A:Please see our return and exchange policy for more details.


Q:How to join? What are the benefits?

A:You may simply click join Monkey Bow membership at check-out, or through the web site.
Purchase of NT$5,000/year will be upgraded to "Diamond Member" and receive 5% off on orders. Purchase of NT$20,000/year will be upgraded to "VIP Member" and receive 10% off on orders, with private event invitation and seasonal gifts.